Are you one of those people who imagine a future fight to the death between robots and humans whenever the term artificial intelligence is used? Well, it’s time to snap out of that slumber because we are living with A.I already.

A.I is already changing the human life experience as we know it and it is here to stay. And, guess what, it will continue to evolve in much subtler ways than that imaginary robot-induced apocalypse destroying planet Earth you have going on in your head.

If you think you haven’t yet interacted with it or that you are somehow going to avoid it, think again because you are already using it.

Here are 3 ways you are already using artificial intelligence in your daily life;

You are using it on social media

Whenever you land on relevant and useful information in your social media feed, it is only because an artificially-intelligent computer algorithm has become good at knowing which posts you tend to like, as well as which friends you interact with the most.


Remember the first few times this happened? You were astonished, you were amazed at how timely and relevant the content you were seeing was but you never stopped to ask how this was happening, you just enjoyed the benefits of it. What about the predictive engagement on your business accounts? It is not magic, it is A.I at work. Each of us has ever contacted a business and gotten stuck on a support line waiting for our calls to be answered. It’s a long and tedious process.

For this reason, a lot of customers now prefer to use social media chats instead of phone calls. As a business owner, if used well, this is super beneficial to you because now you can automate responses to less serious issues that can be sorted online. This allows you to free your customer care phone lines to deal with more difficult cases.

Google search—of course!

Let me put it this, way, almost every aspect of your experience with search engines is directly powered by A.I.


Do you remember when you were typing a search into Google only to be interrupted by the search engine’s suggestions for relevant search terms? That is Artificial intelligence at work. Google’s predictive search recommendations use collected data such as your age and geographic location in order to attempt to guess what you might be searching for. Let’s be honest, most of the time the robot is spot on!

What about the local language options in search? Search engines need to be able to understand your language in order to find the information you are looking for. That’s a textbook application of natural language processing (NLP), a field of Artificial Intelligence dedicated to teaching computers to understand our written language.

Today, Google has elevated its understanding of search queries using its pre-trained language model BERT. Google now understands complete sentences. What this means is that BERT can understand the context of a search, not just the keywords in it.

Whenever you use a bank, you interact with A.I more times than you think

The introduction of AI in banking apps and services has made the sector more customer-centric and technologically relevant. For example, ATMs were a success because customers could avail essential services of depositing and withdrawing money even when banks were closed.

This level of convenience and the operational efficiency that comes with it has only inspired more innovation for example, with many banks today, you can open bank accounts from the comfort of your home using your smartphone.

Do not hesitate to embrace A.I to transform your business and simplify your life…

AI is very present with us today and will continue to be in the future. And the future is where your business and life should look to be. Do not hesitate to be one step ahead and embrace the technologies of tomorrow.