MAILPLUS: Look good today as you build for tomorrow.

Not ready to get a full website yet? No worries! MAILPLUS is the ideal solution to secure your online identity, build brand credibility, and start engaging with your audience—all without the immediate need for a full-scale website.

When you’re ready to upgrade to a full website, you’ll seamlessly transition without losing your domain or paying high development fees. Plus, you’ll already have an online presence that boosts your SEO, credibility, and recognition.

Build your brand presence & credibility from day one.

Secure your authentic online identity in time.

Get a dedicated, branded space to get visibility & leads.



Domain Name

Secure your brand identity with a custom domain name that reflects your brand.

Branded E-Mail accounts

Enhance your professional image with email addresses that match your name.

Customized Landing Page

Your website address will link to an interactive page that’s ready for leads.


How long does it take to set up the MAILPLUS package?

Once you provide us with the necessary details, your domain name, email accounts, and landing page can be ready within 3-5 days. The duration may slightly vary depending on the volume of orders at the time.

Can I upgrade this set up to a full website later?

Yes, you can easily upgrade to a full website at any time. Your existing domain and email addresses will remain the same, ensuring a smooth transition.

If you choose to get your full website with us, you will also enjoy up to 50% discount on our packages when you choose to upgrade.

How many E-Mail accounts do I get with MAILPLUS?

You will receive up to 25 mail accounts with MAILPLUS. 

What kind of landing page will I get?

You will receive a customized landing page that is designed to capture leads and engage visitors. The page can be tailored to your specific business needs and branding.

What are the payment terms?

MAILPLUS is a once-a-year subscription at UGX 385,000. The fee is prepaid.


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