Have you ever Googled yourself? Do you like what you see? For many, the results are a mixed bag. You may find news articles, social media profiles, and other content related to you. However, do these results truly represent who you are?

For politicians, celebrities, consultants, and other public figures, it’s crucial to manage and own this presence actively. Owning your online identity ensures that when someone searches for you, they find accurate and controlled information directly from you. This dominance in search results helps present a clear and professional image to the world.


Professional Credibility and Recruiter Validation

When a recruiter, potential client, or collaborator searches your name online, what will they find? Often, these searches are a common practice to verify the information presented in resumes and CVs. If your online presence is scattered and inconsistent, it can raise doubts.

A well-maintained personal website, for example, serves as a digital CV, showcasing your achievements, career milestones, and professional journey in a cohesive and controlled manner. This not only validates your claims but also adds a layer of professionalism to your persona.


Protect Yourself from Misinformation and Fraud

The internet is full of trolls, catfish, and conmen and, it is very common to find false information, impersonation, and misleading content associated with public figures.

By owning your online identity, you can effectively counteract this. Again, a personal website with verified information, a branded email for professional communications, and a verified presence across social media platforms make it easier for your audience to distinguish you from potential frauds. This clarity and authenticity will build trust and safeguard your reputation.


Control the Narrative

Without a controlled online identity, the narrative about you can be shaped by anyone—fans, critics, media, or even malicious actors. You can take control and decide what information to share, how to present it, and when to update it. This control ensures that the most accurate and positive representation of you is always accessible to the public irrespective of what the rumors say.


Here is what you can do today!

Taking control of your online identity is straightforward:

  1. Register Your Domain: Secure a domain name that matches your name. This is your digital real estate and the foundation of your online identity.
  2. Create a Branded Email: Use your domain to set up a professional email address. This not only looks professional but also adds a layer of authenticity to your communications.
  3. Build and Maintain Your Website: Develop a personal website that highlights your professional achievements, shares your story, and links to your social media profiles. Regularly update this site to reflect your current projects and milestones.
  4. Verify your social media accounts: From as low as $11 you can verify your X account. LinkedIn recently launched a verification process as well that you can execute with your phone. These two channels are the most critical when it comes to professional representation so you must own your identity on them.

By taking these steps, you not only enhance your online presence but also protect your personal brand and professional reputation in an increasingly digital world.

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Owning your online identity is about ensuring that the digital representation of you is accurate, professional, and trustworthy, especially for public figures like politicians, celebrities, and professional consultants.

Take charge of your online identity today and let your true self be the voice that others hear.