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Partner with SMAT Marketing limited to plan, develop and implement effective SEO that will help put more eyes on your website content, resulting in more traffic, more brand recognition, and more sales.

Our SEO Services


Leveraging exhaustive market research to identify keywords that resonate with your East African audience.


Crafting content that speaks the language of your audience, optimizing it to rank higher on search engines.


Ensuring that your website’s backend is optimized to be crawled and indexed effectively by search engines.


Tailoring your SEO strategy to the local nuances of each market, making you a household name in homes across your target locale.


Constructing a web of high-quality backlinks to improve your site’s authority and rankings.


Personalized training sessions and guidance on SEO best practices for entrepreneurs and their team members.

Experience & Competence You Can Trust

Kabla hatujashirikiana na SMAT Marketing Limited, uwepo wetu mtandaoni ulikuwa hakuna kabisa. Timu yao sio tu ilituweka kwenye ramani, bali pia ilitusaidia kushika nafasi ya juu katika eneo letu

Amina K,

MD, Tanzania, Logistics Company

SMAT Marketing Limited has been a game-changer for our business. Through their diligent SEO services, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in website visits and, more importantly, in our app downloads.

David O,

Founder, Mobile Application

Our website traffic soared & the quality of leads improved. Their approach to SEO is holistic, considering not just rankings but how to turn traffic into customers. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Esther W.

Marketing director, Hotel chain, Kenya

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