The internet is buzzing after the well-known social media platform Twitter unveiled a name change to ‘’ over the weekend. Twitter CEO, Linda Yaccarino has described ‘X’ as a future powerhouse of infinite digital interaction. The transformation is part of Elon Musk’s strategy to convert Twitter into a super-app, emulating China’s WeChat’s versatile utility.

Musk plans to evolve X into a versatile platform hosting various functions like listening to podcasts, shopping, and video watching. Industry experts believe Twitter’s current features, such as live audio conversations, long text messages, and video broadcasts, make it a potential competitor for Patreon and similar platforms.

Musk’s fascination with the letter ‘X’ is no secret, with its recurrence in his several ventures such as SpaceX, xAI, and Tesla’s Model X. Musk had previously owned and had always envisioned it as a grand project.

The current rebranding implies Musk’s likely persistence in controlling the company’s direction, alluding to his habit of creating hype before delivering actual changes. Despite no new features having been introduced, the hype around the name change has increased speculation about Twitter’s future.

However, the road to becoming an ‘everything app’ is not without hurdles. The potential problems range from user confusion to challenges in attracting advertisers. Additionally, expanding the platform will require substantial investments in staff and infrastructure, which seems uncertain considering Twitter’s recent staff reductions and ongoing legal troubles.